Supporting Primary Care
in South and East Leeds

Non-urgent advice: What is the SEL GP Group?

We are a GP federation formed by 30 GP practices in South and East Leeds, covering over 220,000 patients. We are a limited company, but we are non-profit. Our only shareholders are the GP practices. Together, our practices work to protect the core values of general practice as the NHS undergoes a period of modernisation and change.

What is it for?

We help and lead local practices and their primary care networks through this period of change. Whenever they need us, whatever support they need. This ensures primary care and general practice remains strong and at the heart of all healthcare for the communities we serve.

We are responsible for ensuring our practices and local patients’ opinions are heard whenever changes to primary care are planned or discussed.

We also provide practical support and services for our members. We help set up new services, employ new staff to work with you and your practice, and assist practices in working together and with other partners to provide the best care possible.

What does it mean for me?

The practice you are registered with is still an independent business. We act, work for and represent practices in South and East Leeds and your local communities.

We hope our support not only improves the resilience of your practice to the stresses and strains of current challenges faced by the NHS but allows your practice to thrive in the future.

If you work in a local practice, we are helping your teams and your primary care networks on a vast range of things right now. Visit our services page to learn more.

Page last reviewed: 11 November 2022