Training and development support

Training support to clinical pharmacists

SEL GP Group is proud to provide peer to peer, education and training support to clinical pharmacists who work within the PCNs. We receive such great feedback about the service.

CQC support

Get hands-on help and support in preparation for CQC inspections. We can help you with policies, compliance and coach you through everything you need from start to finish. We also work closely with the CCG and other partners around the city for anything extra you might need.

Our track record speaks for itself. We spent 18 months providing intensive support to one practice from ‘Inadequate’ to ‘Good’.

Practice merger support

Practice mergers are long, complex projects for a practice manager. Let SEL GP Group guide you through it step by step, with practical support for due diligence, TUPE transfers and staff and patient engagement. We’ve already helped a few practices in the area with this so have a process that works.